A Vaporizer That Lets You Stay Clean, Tobacco-Free

VOOPOO makes the world’s smallest smoke device and VOOPOO Pod is designed to replace a standard box mod by being sleeker, lighter, and easier to carry. Unlike a typical box mod, which is bulkier than most vaporizers, VOOPOO takes the shape of a banana. It is also very easy to use. The VOOPOO VINCI X Pod is revolutionary airpower that makes it perfect for those who are constantly on the go. Despite being a tiny little pod, the Voopoo X is a powerful vaporizer.

The VOOPOO VINCI comes with two separate coils to cater to the needs of users who prefer to only fill one side of the tank. In a typical day, the user will fill the coils on either side with a blend of fruits and liquids such as fruit juice, mentholated oil, sweetened condensed milk, chocolate syrup, and the ever-popular e-liquid. To achieve the correct flavor of your favorite e-liquid, all you need to do is add the required side fill to your steamer.


To keep the VOOPOO fresh and flavorful longer, it’s important to keep it out of direct heat sources such as the oven and direct sunlight. If you’re using your VOOPOO Pod system indoors, it is important to make sure you do not leave it in the car while it is on. The battery should also be used in an enclosed area and not left out in the open. The VOOPOO warranty card can be utilized for protection when the batteries start to show signs of life. The warranty card should be kept in a safe place and replaced when necessary. VOOPOO will replace the battery free of charge, so long as it was purchased from an authorized VOOPOO dealer.

VOOPOO uses a standard-size electric rechargeable battery that comes built into the device. The VOOPOO 1500mah is one of the smaller-sized batteries on the market. The built-in battery gives VOOPOO portable setups flexibility and allows the user to use the device anywhere in comfort. The VOOPOO 1500mah is also small enough to easily fit into the palm of your hand.

The VOOPOO Vibrant Cartridge is VOOPOO’s answer to advanced personal vaporizers. They have made a smart decision in changing the way we vaporize by introducing a high-quality and efficient PNP mesh coil. A smart move for a company that wants to succeed in its niche. The new PNP mesh coil ensures a higher quality of puff, less mess, and more consistency.

So what makes the VOOPOO Vibrant Cartridge so innovative? For starters, the new and improved power button. When in manual mode, you can press the power button several times to activate puff curve mode. And when in turbo mode, you can press the power button again. The innovative puff curve mode is designed to give you just the right amount of vapor with just the right amount of draw. With a quick touch of the button, you can get more of what you want without wasting any time.

The VOOPOO Pod System is another contributing factor to the improved vapor production efficiency of VOOPOO. The VOOPOO pod system consists of a stainless steel reusable stainless steel pod that holds a preloaded wick. The pod holds preloaded wicks that are ground to precise angles for consistent and even heating. In addition to a great flavor and aroma delivery system, the VOOPOO pod system also has an efficient heating mechanism. The heating element inside the VOOPOO Pod System is completely enclosed, ensuring that your device and your hands stay safe and clean. The heat generated by this heating mechanism is so efficient that it allows the user to heat only the part of their tongue that they need for maximum vapor production.

Along with the innovative puff and draw technology described above, the newest feature that VOOPOO brings to the table is the VOOPOO Zinc Alloy heating system. This innovative heating system heats your vapors from the inside out. By heating the inside of your lips, you avoid burning your lips, which is common with many voters who do not follow the directions for their devices. With the help of a professional, you can also customize the zinc alloy used in the VOOPOO pod system, so that you get exactly the type of taste and quality that you desire. The VOOPOO Zinc Alloy heating system is especially effective on cold e liquid blends, but is great for all other vapor production on the market today.