The Review Of The Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2

If you are looking for an awesome starter box for your rebuildable coil system, the brand name Hellvape offers you a great choice in the line of Silicone Locators. The Silicone Locator is a very useful component for any rebuilder or even for the more experienced. The Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA combines the best of both worlds in a single piece of kit. The advanced quad post construction deck for single or dual coil configuration is easily adjustable to your personal airflow needs for better adaptability and flexibility.

dead rabbit v2

The outer post build deck is made of a thick yet light weight silicone material that ensures a perfect fit for your rebuildable coil system. It has an outer cover that is fully sealed for ultimate protection. The post build deck on the second side is also made of a silicone material to ensure a snug fit around your rebuildable coil system for ultimate air flow. It has an outer cover that is also fully sealed for superior protection.

The body of this unit is designed to efficiently cool and protect your coils. It has side air vents that help dissipate any excess moisture inside your juices. This unique aspect of the dead rabbit v2 makes for an awesome vaporizer that allows you to have an exceptional flavor, not to mention the ultimate e juice experience.

This innovative design uses two sliding elements to lock your airflow in the reservoir thus allowing your juices to stay fresh longer. With the airlock feature, your juices will remain fresh as they are held in place. The unique and new barrel lock feature lets you choose a length of time that you want your juices to stay fresh. You can set it to be closed tightly so that no air is able to reach the coils to keep them cool. You can also set it to open up for maximum airflow with no air being able to reach the coils.

One feature that we all enjoy with our favorite vapes is the build deck. The build deck on the original Dead Rabbit V2 was a huge improvement over the disposable plastic decks that other companies were using. The reason we loved the deck was because of the large post holes and the ability to easily place multiple coils in the reservoir. The reason this was a big improvement was because we were able to easily replace dead coils in the reservoir without having to change out the entire kit. However, this year they have included a larger and more durable post hole so that you can use up to three coils on each side. The new design allows you to easily replace dead coils without disturbing your daily routine.

Another great improvement is the new dual option airflow system. The new dual option air system offers two different speeds for your Rabbit’s draw. The higher speed is designed to draw more water for added hydration for your rabbits active life and energy levels. The lower speed is designed for an easier gravity feed which will eliminate messy build ups. With the two speeds the water will continually be fed into the reservoir. This keeps your rabbits active and hydrated without the hassle of constantly changing out water.

The second upgrade for the new dead rabbit v2 is the vacuum insulated glass carafe. The glass carafe is an upgrade from the original that had a vacuum insulated glass bottle. The vacuum insulated bottle was a nice feature but did not do a very good job of keeping the juices inside the bottle and the juice flavor in tact. This year they have included a beefy, stainless steel vacuum insulation connection pin to help keep the juices inside the bottle.

The final upgrade for this year is the standard positive pin and bf squonk. I have always been a fan of these two pieces of equipment and the quality of them is on par with any other company that makes coffee brewers. With the standard positive pin and bf squonk, I have the ability to make one cup at a time instead of having to make several at once. The standard positive pin and bf squonk comes with an assortment of three favorite coffees, a coffee grinder, and an espresso machine. The deck is the same wood that I have come to love on my Hellvape dead rabbit v2 and it does a great job of keeping the coffee beans fresh.

The deck is constructed out of a durable laminated wood and is sealed with a high tech UV gloss. The deck has no visible joints and is sealed with the toughest silicone on the market. The deck is built strong and is finished to an extremely smooth texture for a smooth sailing experience. I love the deck because it allows easy access to the beans and when properly cared for, it will last many years to come.

The two major upgrades I am very happy with are the wide range of coffees that can be made from the original single or double warming plates and the adjustable drip feeder with the built in air flow control. The original single warming plate and dual coil deck allow the user to add a variety of different beans and grinders to suit their personal taste and preferences. The adjustable drip feeder gives the option to easily clean out the grinds and allow for a slow drip motion so there is no sediment build up. This system allows the user to get the most flavor from each cup of coffee.