The Vaping Pod – The New vaporizer Trend

Voopoo Vaporizers is a crowd favorite for the reason that they simply rock. They’re stylish, fun, funky, innovative, unique and so much more. All of them know them, they’re well known by most, not so well-liked by others, and still not well-liked by others but there is one thing you can be certain of, they make some amazing, creative, original vaporizers, and one such wonderful product is the VOOPOO VINCI 2 Kit. If you’re one who’s always looking for something new and innovative in the vaporizer market, then you definitely need to check out the VOOPOO VINCI 2 Kit.

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The reason why this particular product rock is because it has two separate coils that produce two different power levels. When you start the unit up, it takes about 5 seconds to heat up the base coil. This allows you to start off slow, or you can speed things up very fast. What this means is that if you want a strong hit, you either want to start slowly or quickly, depending on what you feel is necessary.

There are two primary reasons to purchase these units. The first being that some people find it uncomfortable to inhale steam through their nose and throat. Because of this, these devices have been designed to incorporate an adjustable airflow system. With the adjustable airflow system, people can use their vaporizer at a completely different temperature than they might normally, which helps to alleviate any discomfort, or discomfort that may occur.

The second reason these units are so popular is because of the innovative new 2 step airflow adjustment. The previous models included an airflow adjustment with a tiny lever. As long as you held the lever down, it would move up or down. However, as you took your finger and moved it up and down, the amount of vapor produced slightly decreased. This was a bit of a hassle but was far from a deal-breaker for most users.

The newest version of the Vaping Pod has an ingenious new feature. Rather than being held in your hand, the unit is now held in your hand, with two small metal prongs. To take the temperature of the vapor, you simply touch one of the prongs with your finger. The device knows which coils to heat up first, so that the next time you turn it on, you will get the optimum vapor quantity and strength. Very cool!

The Vaping Pod line also includes a great new product known as the “Pod Attractor”. These devices allow you to pour your e-liquid into the bottom of the device, without having to use a straw or any other type of container. Once the liquid reaches the bottom of the device, it will automatically begin to turn itself off. The only drawback to these devices is that it is quite messy. A good cleaning should take place every couple of weeks to keep the bottom of the unit free of debris and the ability to turn off the device.

One final device to mention is the VaporShark. This is essentially a USB device that is plugged into the USB slot on the Vaporizer. It allows you to monitor the coils inside your device while it is turned on. Most vapers do not like to completely close their device to ensure the coils are completely heated, but this easy-to-use option does not allow for that. You simply leave the Vapor Shark plugged in for a few minutes, then open it up and check the temperature and coils.

In conclusion, the Vaping Pod line is expanding into some very interesting directions. They currently offer two different types of devices. The Pod Attractor device requires that you hold the attachment down, which opens up the two sides of the device for you to see. The other type, the Vaping Cage, makes it possible for you to see your coils while it is plugged in. Both of these devices are truly excellent and innovative, but the best part about them may just be the price, which is extremely low compared to other leading vaporizers and even some electronic cigarettes!