VOOPOO Supreme Plus Coil Packs

VOOPOO Vaporizer is an effective electronic device for vaporizing any form of flavored e-juice. The VOOPOO Vaporizer produces advanced vaporizing technology, the industry-standard in vaporizing e-juice. It has the ability to produce high-quality and consistent clouds at an affordable cost. The VOOPOO Vaporizer is especially useful for those people who desire to get in on the new trend of vaporizing and yet do not have the budget to purchase or spend on a vaporizer of comparable quality.


VOOPOO Vaporizer produces smokeless and tasteless vapors, it can even produce ice-free beverages. The VOOPOO Vaporizer utilizes two high-performance air chambers, which are extremely efficient in providing superior flavor-to-smoke ratios. The VOOPOO Vibrant Pod is a sleek, compact Pod style Vape Device constructed from durable PCTG material and heavy-duty zinc alloy. The VOOPOO Vibrant Pod has an integrated 0.8GHz Smart Card and built-in eight-800mAh batteries which can be charged by standard laptop AC adapters. These batteries can also be replaced easily without the hassle of disposing of old batteries.

The VOOPOO Vaporizer consists of a user-friendly Vaporizer, two high-performance air chambers, two precision-tuned airflow options, and interchangeable herbal pads. The vaporizer utilizes two high-performance air chambers that are extremely efficient in producing flavorful vapor and in reducing the amount of vapor waste. The vaporizer also utilizes two high-performance air chambers, which are extremely efficient in producing flavorful vapor and in reducing the amount of vapor waste. The dual-chamber system ensures that each chamber performs at optimal efficiency. The VOOPOO Vibrant Pod consists of an easy-to-grip stainless steel body, a spacious stainless steel cooling cavity, a large clear acrylic glass window, and two interchangeable herbal pads which can be used with the vaporizer or can be used separately.

The VOOPOO Vaporizer comes complete with the following two pieces: The outer shell which houses the electronic circuitry, the vaporizing chamber with its two glass chambers, and the two standard-sized herbal pads. The vaporizing chamber has three-inch adjustable airflow control which allows for optimal flavor and results. The outer shell also features a rubberized trim ring and is finished in a soft dark gray color. The outer shell even contains a built-in LED display to assist in selecting the correct wattage and temperature range. The unit also includes a built-in power cord, a USB adapter, and a battery charger.

The main components of the VOOPOO Vaporizer consist of the heating element and the two heating wires. The heating element is composed of one Ceramic brick that is wrapped around two conductors. The heating wire is attached to a copper tube through which the ceramic brick is placed. The heating coils are available in different sizes, which is dependent on the recommended wattage and heat level required by the user. The two heating coils are made of high-quality material and are designed to produce excellent vapor.

The VOOPOO Supreme Plus is a superb unit that utilizes hi-end technology and is incredibly compact and durable. The outer casing of the device is constructed from ballistic nylon and the inside of the device is made from black silicone, which is extremely waterproof and ultra-plastic. The two outer ceramic plates that are incorporated within the outer shell are designed in the shape of a hook and loop, which ensure that the coils are extremely stable during use and the airflow is smooth. The inner mesh coil optimized by VOOPOO also ensures the stability of the coils, ensuring an enhanced flavor sensation, and increased vapor production.

The inner mesh coil is constructed in such a way as to provide a precise amount of resistance to any overage or voltage that may try to enter the device. The innermost ceramic brick is designed in a manner so as to provide a stable stream of air. If there was not sufficient resistance, the device would overheat and the flavor would decrease significantly. By incorporating a low wattage mesh coil, the VOOPOO Supreme Plus ensures the perfect match between the wattage and the actual airflow, which helps in providing the optimum amount of vapor and flavor. The inner coil is manufactured with a precision-tuned wick to ensure that it is completely safe to use in everyday situations.

Due to the fact that the VOOPOO Supreme Plus is an upgraded model, the coils are of a higher grade than any other VOOPOO kit and the resistance levels are increased considerably. However, there are many users who have experienced problems such as inconsistent power, burnt-out coils, and leaking coils. This is mainly due to the incorrect voltage setting that was incorporated in the manufacturing process. This problem can be rectified by ensuring that the correct voltage is used. Other issues such as the water bottle not being sealed properly also cause significant problems.